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Obstetrics is an area of medicine that focuses on the health needs of women during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and immediately after the birth of their baby. At the practice of Mistye Taylor, M.D. in Smyrna, Tennessee, the compassionate women’s health team provides comprehensive obstetrics care. The full-service OB/GYN practice also provides general gynecologic care, meeting the health care needs of women through every stage of life. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Obstetrics Q & A

What is obstetrics?

Obstetrics is an area of medicine that focuses on women’s health needs during and immediately after pregnancy. This includes prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum care.

The experienced team at the office of Mistye Taylor, M.D. have advanced training in managing a woman’s health during pregnancy and can provide comprehensive care whether your pregnancy is normal or high risk.

A high-risk pregnancy means you or your baby have a health issue that may complicate your pregnancy or delivery. This type of pregnancy requires more frequent visits, special testing and monitoring, and sometimes a cesarean (C-section) delivery.

When do I need obstetrics?

You need obstetrics care at the start of your pregnancy. Early and regular prenatal care ensures you and your baby remain healthy throughout your nine months together. 

In most cases, the team schedules your first obstetrics appointment eight weeks after the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). However, they may recommend an earlier appointment if there’s a possibility you’ll have a high-risk pregnancy.

The team at Mistye Taylor, M.D. may also suggest obstetrics care before you get pregnant so they can perform a physical and pelvic exam and provide counseling that ensures your pregnancy gets off to a healthy start. 

What is the difference between obstetrics and gynecology?

Obstetrics and gynecology both focus on the health needs of women. While obstetrics primarily treats women during pregnancy, gynecology focuses on all other health issues women face. 

Women’s life stages center around their reproductive organs. These stages include the start of their menstrual cycle during adolescence, then onto pregnancy, and ending with menopause.

Though these stages of your life may have start and end dates, there are a lot of things that happen in between that affect your reproductive organs. For example, your menstrual cycle may cause heavy periods or be irregular, affecting your fertility.

Then, in the months and years leading up to menopause, hormonal changes may cause symptoms that affect your physical and emotional well-being. 

The team at Mistye Taylor, M.D. specializes in obstetrics and gynecologic care, managing all your stages of life. 

To schedule an appointment, call the office of Mistye Taylor, M.D. or book online today.