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You’ve hit an exciting chapter in your life. Don’t worry, the team at the practice of Mistye Taylor, M.D. in Smyrna, Tennessee, is ready to take care of you and your baby. The obstetrics and gynecology practice provides the best pregnancy care, offering screenings, education, and support during this very special time in your life. For pregnancy care that’s all about you, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Pregnancy Q & A

What can I expect during pregnancy care?

You can expect patient-centered care from the team at Mistye Taylor, M.D. during your pregnancy. They love nothing more than helping women through this very exciting time of their life.

Pregnancy appointments are scheduled in such a way that you never feel rushed, and there’s always plenty of time to talk and discuss your concerns.

The team at Mistye Taylor, M.D. also takes good care of you, providing all the tests and services you need to make sure you and your baby stay healthy throughout your nine months together. 

What types of tests do I need during pregnancy?

The office of Mistye Taylor, M.D. performs many tests during your pregnancy. Most tests are part of general pregnancy care and include:

Prenatal screening

During your first prenatal appointment, the team performs a number of prenatal screening tests to check for infections such as HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, and rubella.

Glucose screening

During your second trimester, you undergo the glucose screening for gestational diabetes.

Strep screening

Before giving birth, the team performs a strep screening. This test helps ensure you don’t pass along a strep infection to your baby as they make their way down the birth canal during delivery.

Assessment of fetal movement

During the fetal movement assessment, you count how frequently your baby kicks during a set period of time. The team is looking for 10 kicks in two hours. This is a test you do at home. 

Nonstress test (NST)

The NST assesses fetal heart rate, looking for an increase in heartbeats when you talk to your baby.

Biophysical profile (BPP)

If your baby’s heart rate doesn’t increase during an NST, the team recommends a BPP. During this test, they combine the fetal heart monitoring with an ultrasound test to look at your baby and measure the amniotic fluid.

They may also do a modified BPP, which includes an NST and measurement of your deepest vertical pockets of amniotic fluid.

Doppler ultrasound

The Doppler ultrasound looks at blood flow through your umbilical artery.

What are my labor and delivery options for pregnancy?

The team at Mistye Taylor, M.D. considers your labor and delivery plan an important part of your pregnancy experience. They work closely with you to ensure you have the experience you want and expect. 

Delivery options include vaginal delivery, operative vaginal delivery, and cesarean delivery (C-section). 

The team at Mistye Taylor, M.D. provides the best pregnancy care possible, making you and your baby the priority. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.